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Links & Resources

The following are websites and resources recommended by Family Restorations

The Center For Individual & Family Therapy
For over 18 years The Center for Individual and Family Therapy has responded to people seeking hope, healing and growth with a proven combination of competent psychotherapy and the truth of Biblical principles. With five offices throughout Southern California, our services are delivered by a staff of highly trained professionals with a wide variety of specialties and experience.  Our caring staff works to understand your issues and challenges.  We seek to help you remove the obstacles to a more rewarding life. 

To learn more about CIFT click the link below.  You can meet the primary therapists referred to by Family Restorations, by checking out the bios for Angela Hanford, Ramon Ivey and April Twenhafel. 

Re. Attachment & Bonding

Re. Adoption

For resources on praying for your family members, visit www.stormieomartian.com

Re. Holistic Health

www.vrp.com  information on supplements, medication alternatives and herbal remedies.
www.healthdynamicscenter.com   holistic health, and chiropractic services with amazing results.   

www.mercola.com  information on the latest natural health news.
www.ocfoodallergy.com  support group for parents of children with food allergies. 
www.netmindbody.com  information about neuro-emotional technique and referrals for NET practitioners in your area.

www.oceansofgratitude.weebly.com  healing with Bach Flower Essences. 

Note: Though we have found the above resources helpful, Family Restorations is NOT responsible for the content, claims or representations of the listed sites.