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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving [my daughter] and I the foundation we needed to become something special. We have used the tool you gave us to become stronger and to know how to march on no matter what. We get to be examples to others of how to live and how to survive. I can never tell you how much that means to me. Thank you isn't enough so I try to share what you gave us with others who need it.

- Stephanie 


Kendra...You LOVED me, and still do. I know that, every second. You cry for, and with, me. You are invested in me. Your wealth of love scares me, when I am in anger and distance, and overwhelms me, when my self is open. I could not have changed wrong for right in so many different ways, without you. I would not be me, without you. The love you have imparted to me is so intelligent, yet kind. You have helped Me make Me better. Tis still a long road, but I can see better now. Yet, the road behind is interesting. You helped me see that road, face it, tell it is a b****, and keep moving forward. You have been one of the only safe people in my life. 

- Liz (age 35)


I don't think anyone is capable of loving unconditionally until they have the privilege of having and raising a child.  As parents, the challenge becomes forgiving ourselves for... our mistakes in child rearing.  Sometimes love is not enough.  That's why parents need people like you... counselors who provide loving direction through a thoughtful mind and compassionate heart.  I personally want to thank you for the heart and mind you have invested in my daughter.  This [gift] is a true symbol of what you have given her... hope for better tomorrows.                   

~ D (mom)


I truly count you as a blessing and an answer to prayer.  You were like an angel who showed up at this perfect place and time and showed me more of Christ than I have ever been show[n].  You have helped me to find gifts and tools that I never knew I had.  You saw them in me and you believed in me before I ever even knew I  posessed them and before I ever believed in myself.  You are amazing!  I am lucky to have met you and been encouraged my you.  Your humility, sincerity, and incredible love for me is so unbelievable.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you for teaching me to be vulnerable and real.  Again, this experience and you have been a blessing.                                

~ Lauren (age 21)                                                                                                                                                                                                          


          As a parent, there is no greater pain than watching your children suffer because of poor choices that you have made.  My two children were 9 and 12 years old when I fell into a deep depression.  My wife and I had been in marriage counseling for a very long time.  Through a pattern of unhealthy communication and unresolved hurts we had evolved into a very dysfunctional family.  My pain and anxiety were perpetuated by my abuse of anti-anxiety medications which I used to stay calm.  As a result, we lost our business, home and relationships that we both treasured. 
          My wife’s codependency helped me fuel a fire that blazed through our lives. We had no idea how to cope with what was happening to us.  I had attempted almost every form of therapy and anti-depressant, with little or no results. This experience had a profoundly negative and lasting impact on our children.  

          With [the therapist's] help, our family found healing.  My wife and I benefited from the unique combination of “holding therapy” and prayer, as we were both able to dispense hurts that had been stored deep in our hearts for years.  Holding each other during therapy and actually feeling each other’s pain helped us recognize deeply rooted issues that prevented us from healing from abusive childhoods.  During treatment, we asked Jesus to remove these hurts and He began a healing process in our whole family. 
          Untreated, the pain that our children suffered through our ordeal could have stayed with them for a lifetime and very likely would have manifested itself in their adult relationships.  Instead of this, our story has a happy ending.  Through the intensive and our follow-up therapy, w
e have grown stronger and my kids are doing great!  We have regained our business and I am the happiest that I have ever been!  My wife has lost 94 pounds, I am no longer addicted to anti-depressants.  It is very rewarding to see my kids developing into stable and healthy young adults!            

~ Steve (age 54)

You are a great, wonderful person.  I love you so much.  You have helped me more than I can say!  I love you!!     
~ K (age 16) 

I love you.  I hope you have a great day.                                                     
~ Danielle (age 7) 


The important thing about Kendra is her big heart.  She encourages me to believe in myself and be happy with the person I am.  It is thanks to her patience, perseverance, and thoughtfulness that I am able to have hope for the future.  I count her as one of the true blessings in my life.                

~ Cathy (age 69) 



[My husband] and I appreciate all you have done for [our daughter].  There is a great improvement in her disposition and outlook of life.  She will do great in her future because of your help.  We wish you all the best for your future success.  May God bless you always.                 

~ E & C